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To Sanders’ Supporters: An Open Letter

  Dear friends, I share your frustration and your anger over the outcome of the Democratic (?) National Convention. I’ve had my share. There is a place for anger; but there is also a way to use it. Anger is power. The revolution launched by Senator Sanders has accomplished amazing results. The point is now… read more

Real Revolution: Daily Metta

“Satyagraha is a process of educating public opinion, such that it covers all the elements of society and in the end makes itself irresistible. Violence interrupts the process and prolongs the real revolution of the whole social structure.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, March, 31, 1946 It was true for Gandhi’s time and it is true for… read more

Real Power: Daily Metta

“The real rulers are the toiling millions.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, June 15, 1947 All revolution has to begin with one strategy: change and transform our vision of what makes someone powerful. For Gandhi, real power came from work and labor: spiritual and societal. Those who reap the fruits of the work of others for their… read more

Slow Down, Slow Science

The Challenge of Education for a New Generation: Converting Swords into Plowshares “Where ignorance is your master, there is no possibility of peace.” The XIV Dalai Lama.   The scientific contributions of Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman were fundamental for the construction of the atomic bomb. Today, their reflections on the subject are also fundamental… read more