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Stopping Violence – podcast

“We’re talking about stopping violence with nonviolence.” ~Mary Hanna, Meta Peace Team What kind of training is useful and necessary to use nonviolence to interrupt violence? Mary Hanna, a trainer for the Meta Peace Team in Lansing, Michigan, highlights the work of peace teams and draws on decades of experience in de-escalating violent scenarios to… read more

Ferguson Statement- Shanti Sena Network

Response to Ferguson from the Shanti Sena Network: Whether or not you believe that Darren Wilson is guilty, no one can deny that trust in the American police force is really low. This trust is especially low in communities of color and low income communities.  A list of demands from Ferguson protestors included: a plan… read more

Where are the nonviolent alternatives to the 9 proposed bases in Afghanistan?

Earlier this week, Hamid Karzai confirmed that the United States will build nine new military bases in Afghanistan, including a strategic base at the border with Iran, with White House spokesman Jay Carney assuring us that these nine new bases will not be permanent. Their role will mainly be to strengthen and train the Afghan… read more

Reimagining the Boston lockdown: from SWAT team to peace teams

By Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook Originally posted at Waging Nonviolence on May 11, 2013 The aftermath of the bombing of the Boston marathon last month. (Flickr/Rebecca Hildreth) In all the confusion and outrage about the bombings at the Boston Marathon there has been little comment about the lockdown that followed — what does… read more