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Lessons from Afghanistan: Peace Paradigm Radio

Our guest on Peace Paradigm Radio is Amandine Roche, writer, human rights worker, yoga teacher and founder of Amanuddin Foundation. She shares inspiration as she tells us about her journey towards nonviolence, her experience while living in Afghanistan as a peaceworker, and the importance of inner work for agents of change and peace. Finally, she… read more

Turning Fear into Power

This article was originally posted on Wagingnonviolence.org on October 14, 2014. Linda Sartor standing on a Soviet tank outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. (WNV / Peggy Gish)   Linda Sartor is not afraid to die. Dedicated to nonviolence, she spent 10 years after September 11, 2001 traveling to conflict zones throughout the world as an unarmed… read more

Where are the nonviolent alternatives to the 9 proposed bases in Afghanistan?

Earlier this week, Hamid Karzai confirmed that the United States will build nine new military bases in Afghanistan, including a strategic base at the border with Iran, with White House spokesman Jay Carney assuring us that these nine new bases will not be permanent. Their role will mainly be to strengthen and train the Afghan… read more

Afghanistan: What Would a Real Policy Look Like?

At a Washington meeting some years back Rep. Jim Moran of VA said to a group of us who had come to discuss Mideast policy, “All foreign policy is domestic politics.”  The recently announced ‘surge’ of 30,000 additional troops for Afghanistan was designed to placate political pressures on the President, which, even if it were… read more