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Protection without Violence: Podcast

At the United Nations on Thursday, 24 May, the missions of Australia and Uruguay hosted a Side Event on “Sustaining Peace and Preventing Violence Through Unarmed Civilian Protection”  following an open-ended debate in the Security Council on the protection of civilians. Carmen Lauzon-Garmaytan, an unarmed civilian protector from Mindanao, Yasmin Maydhane who protects civilians in South… read more

Roots of Resistance: Podcast

What happens when we imagine and tell stories about nonviolent movements? We are more likely to make them a reality! Novelist, activist, trainer, Rivera Sun, joins us to talk about her latest novel, The Roots of Resistance, and the power of nonviolence in all of its constructive and obstructive creativity. Stay on for a dose of Nonviolence… read more

Free Speech Movement

(The Free Speech Movement launching. . . ) (Metta’s own Michael Nagler at the FSM above in his Deux Chevaux, taking people home from jail…) First, take in the good news, that is, nonviolence in the news. Then, stay to hear and learn more about the Free Speech Movement. We are proud to share this… read more