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Protection without Violence: Podcast

At the United Nations on Thursday, 24 May, the missions of Australia and Uruguay hosted a Side Event on “Sustaining Peace and Preventing Violence Through Unarmed Civilian Protection”  following an open-ended debate in the Security Council on the protection of civilians. Carmen Lauzon-Garmaytan, an unarmed civilian protector from Mindanao, Yasmin Maydhane who protects civilians in South… read more

A Family Effort in the Empire Zinc Corporation Miner’s Strike.

By: Mercedes Mack A scene from Salt of the Earth. On October 17, 1950, in Hanover, New Mexico, workers at the Empire Zinc mine finished their shifts, formed a picket line, and began a fifteen-month strike after attempts at union negotiation with the company reached an impasse. Miner demands included: equal pay to their White… read more

Women and Combat

by Michael Nagler, originally posted on Feb. 4, in Tikkun Daily. Alongside horrifying pictures from the New York Times showing very young boys being trained to fire assault rifles (“Selling a New Generation on Guns”) comes the news, welcome in some quarters, that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the military to admit women to full combat… read more

Taking Women’s Lives Seriously: An Interview with Cynthia Enloe

Originally published at Waging Nonviolence on September 13, 2012 By Stephanie Van Hook Curiosity, arguably, is the antidote to the passivity in politics. When we question the assumptions of candidates’ platforms, especially with regard to women, and when we learn from movements that take women seriously, we stand to awaken something more active and empowered… read more