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Big Questions, Big Answers about NV

In this episode, we explore some big questions and big answers about nonviolence and human existence (!) as we dive into some powerful and imporant instances of nonviolence in the news. Podcast below. https://archives.mettacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/nonviolence-radio_2018-07-06.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS… read more

Conflict is Natural- Podcast

  Conflict is natural and healthy. Violence is avoidable. In this podcast I talk about a practical approach for understanding conflict as a necessary part of developing our most humane qualities and the art of engaging conflict without resorting to violence.  Podcast time: 5 minutes. Listen here or at with the player below the bio… read more

“We’re friends.”: Parent Power Podcast

How do we express to children we are working together as a team and what effect can it have? In this episode, I explore the power–and challenges of– working together on setting boundaries with children in a respectful way that models for them a productive way of saying ‘no’ as well. Episode length: Six Minutes… read more

“We want your full attention!”–Parent Power

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” –Simone Weil Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was multitasking (including using a device)? What did it feel like? Did you feel like you were being heard? Did you feel a connection? Children in our lives want our full attention (and that way,… read more

Belonging and Relational Education – podcast

Explore nonviolence in the news with Michael and Stephanie, including even some analysis of violence in our news (well, from a nonviolent angle!). Then, we are joined by Lauren Dalberth Hage from Weaving Earth, an organization she co-founded in 2007 to restore relationships at all levels: within ourselves, between ourselves and with the environment. A… read more

Singing Kabīr…on Peace Paradigm Radio

At the start of this week’s show, Michael Nagler “almost” gets excited with the latest nonviolence news: divestment, Spring Rising, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, 99Rise, anti-drone movements. Then Linda Hess—scholar, writer and a lover of Kabir—joins us to discuss Kabir’s 15th century poetry and what it has to do with nonviolence. If you aren’t already… read more

Nonviolence news, humor and the meaning of life

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humankind.” M.K. Gandhi   subscribe to our itunes podcast here In this week’s Peace Paradigm Radio, you will get your regular, delicious dose of nonviolence in the news with Michael Nagler to start you off. Then, we dip into the discussion of the power of humor–what… read more