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Nonviolence is everywhere: Podcast

Nonviolence News, Songs and Analysis, Oh My! Want a dose of practical hope and a dash of fun? Today’s podcast is for you. Michael Nagler returns to explore all nonviolence happening all over the world, and Metta’s Education Director, Stephanie Knox-Cubbon joins Stephanie Van Hook and Michael in the studio with some of her own… read more

“Walk Alone”–Daily Metta

June 9 “There are moments in your life when you must act, even though you cannot carry your best friends with you.” –Gandhi (The Monthly Review, Calcutta, October, 1941) One of Gandhi’s favorite songs was Ekla Chalo Re, a Bengali hymn translated as “Walk Alone.” Written by the famous Rabindranath Tagore, the lyrics are as… read more

MLK Day for Early Childhood with Songs

  If you are an early childhood educator, you bring music into the classroom on a daily basis. Do not miss the opportunity as you discuss the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1960s African American Freedom Struggle this month to bring songs to share. Find ways of incorporating gestures and… read more