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Right Means: Daily Metta

“When there is no desire for fruit, there is also no temptation for untruth or himsa.” ~ Gandhi, Mahatma, vol. 2. p. 311 To revisit the excellent Daily Metta of March 1st: The Gita’s “theory of action” (as we like to call it). It is quite nuanced, but it’s main tenets can be summarized as… read more

“Labor and Dignity”–Daily Metta

January 16 “This mad rush for wealth must cease, and the laborer must be assured, not only of a living wage, but a daily task that is not a mere drudgery.” -Gandhi (Harijan, 11-2-1934) The Sanskrit term svadharma is integral to the vision of a nonviolent world. The concept means that everyone has her or… read more


Dharma is a Sanskrit word, based on the root √dhŗ, (uphold, support), and can be defined as the law, duty, religion, responsibility, path, or nature, which upholds the underlying order of the universe. Sri Eknath Easwaran has defined it, intriguingly, as “that which makes us secure.”  Dharma is a key component of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and… read more