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“When care is revolutionary”–Daily Metta

November 10: “An owner never spoils his property.” –Gandhi (Young India, August 4, 1927) Gandhi, talking to mill workers in 1927, wanted them to understand their power. Without labor, he insisted, there would be no product. He tells them, “When you know that the mill is as much yours as the mill-owners’, you will never… read more

“Civil Existence”–Daily Metta

September 30: “It should be obvious that civil resistance cannot flourish in an atmosphere of violence.” –Gandhi (Harijan, March 18, 1939) Civil resistance is not the full picture of nonviolence in the least. Gandhi knew this, and he maintained that people needed at times to find ways other than disobedience; for example, if you are… read more

Nonviolence Currents: Martin Luther King & Syria

Nonviolence Currents – Bridging Nonviolence and Current Events in the Classroom A service of the Metta Center for Nonviolence LESSON PLAN #9 This is a three-part lesson that combines the teachings of Martin Luther King, in light of the recent 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington, and the current crisis in Syria. Themes:… read more

Gandhi’s Prayer (on Syria)

By Stephanie Van Hook   “I am praying for the light that will dispel the darkness; let all those with a living faith in nonviolence join me in the prayer.” M.K. Gandhi     Gandhi was once given a seemingly impossible scenario: what would he do if a plane were flying over his ashram to… read more

Syria: Lamp in the Storm

How can we can create the right vision to support indigenous nonviolence and unarmed civilian peacekeeping?  by Michael Nagler posted Jul 30, 2012 posted at Yes! Magazine  Share During the climactic “Quit India” campaign launched by Gandhi in 1942, there were outbreaks of violence. Earlier, in 1922, similar outbreaks had led him to suspend the non-cooperation… read more

Syria on the Brink: Can Nonviolence Bring Her Back?

Petaluma, California – When the Arab Spring was initiated by Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation last year in Tunisia, it ignited longings for freedom throughout the region; more than that, it took hold of the creative imaginations of non-violent activists and millions of dissatisfied individuals around the world. Has this hope ground to a halt with the… read more