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On Scapegoats, Hope Tanks, and Being Muslim – Podcast

Our last show of the year is a special one, beginning with Michael Nagler and a discussion on what he calls “the ubiquitous problem of scapegoating.” What role does the scapegoat play in the human psyche and culture? How has a sacrificial system of logic affected society and its institutions? And what does it all… read more

“Mutual respect, mutual security”–Daily Metta

May 30: “No propaganda can be allowed which reviles other religions.” –Gandhi (Young India, May 29, 1924, p. 180)   My spiritual teacher liked to tell a joke about two men from different religions sitting next to one another. One of them looks at the other and says, “You know, we both worship the same… read more

Badshah Khan and the Spirit of Islam

By Metta blogger PHILIP WIGHT  “You cannot help loving those that love you and you cannot hurt those that trust you.” –Badshah Khan Muslim nonviolence. For most, this phrase conjures images of the Arab Spring and stories of civil resistance in Tunisia and Egypt. But there is one man in history that most embodies this… read more

Syria on the Brink: Can Nonviolence Bring Her Back?

Petaluma, California – When the Arab Spring was initiated by Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation last year in Tunisia, it ignited longings for freedom throughout the region; more than that, it took hold of the creative imaginations of non-violent activists and millions of dissatisfied individuals around the world. Has this hope ground to a halt with the… read more