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War: Daily Metta

“War … has got to go. I firmly believe that freedom won through bloodshed or fraud is no freedom.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, September 13, 1928 Wherever we turn in Gandhi’s writings or his life, the law that “means are ends in the making” greets us. If only we could grasp the simple idea that… read more

“What can replace war?”–Daily Metta

October 20: “The warring nations are destroying themselves with such fury and ferocity that the end will be mutual exhaustion.” –Gandhi (Harijan, February 24, 1946) War is costly, on an economic, human and even spiritual scale. Contrary to any myths we might still cherish about the institution, when we inflict violence to make ourselves more… read more

“The causes of war”–Daily Metta

January 25: “All activity for stopping war must prove fruitless so long as the causes of war are not understood and radically dealt with.” –Gandhi (Harijan 2-11-1939) My friend Tom Hastings had a New Yorker cartoon on the door to his Portland office. It depicted several individuals throwing a plastic bottle into a trashcan overflowing… read more

Turning Fear into Power

This article was originally posted on Wagingnonviolence.org on October 14, 2014. Linda Sartor standing on a Soviet tank outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. (WNV / Peggy Gish)   Linda Sartor is not afraid to die. Dedicated to nonviolence, she spent 10 years after September 11, 2001 traveling to conflict zones throughout the world as an unarmed… read more

Women and Combat

by Michael Nagler, originally posted on Feb. 4, in Tikkun Daily. Alongside horrifying pictures from the New York Times showing very young boys being trained to fire assault rifles (“Selling a New Generation on Guns”) comes the news, welcome in some quarters, that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the military to admit women to full combat… read more

Spinning Wheel #3: Facing Fascism

by Michael Nagler Police brutality, suppression of dissent, heartless cruelty toward the disadvantaged, xenophobia and other forms of racism, Freikorps-type vigilante groups, corporate domination subjugating law and government, election fraud and war — America has virtually all the telltale characteristics of fascism, not just some.  And it could not be otherwise, because the culture of… read more

Mindless in Gaza

Revised January 14, 2009. I have just gotten off the phone with my friend and colleague Oren Yiftachel, a co-founder, with Dr. Eyad El Sarraj of Gaza, of the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.  Prof. Yiftachel lives and works in Beer-Sheva, which is within range of the Qassam rockets coming from Gaza.  Yet when I asked… read more