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Beyond Symbolism-Peace Paradigm Radio

This week’s Peace Paradigm radio was hosted by Michael Nagler, with Stephanie Van Hook calling in from the East Coast. In nonviolence in the news Michael features some news on peace education and an exciting grant from the EU for Unarmed Peacekeeping in Syria. Michael also read part of Martin Luther King’s 1967 Christmas Sermon… read more

A Call to Militant Empathy

You are Not My Enemy. Violence is My Enemy. A Call to Militant Empathy by Peijman Kouretchian   (Photo by Mica Stumpf)   The streets look like war. Two NYPD police officers were just “assassinated” apparently as revenge for the Eric Garner chokehold death. This is the first major physical attack on actual police officers… read more

Building the Peace Army: Research and Practice

“Armed peacekeepers are 12 times more likely to be killed in the line of duty than unarmed peacekeepers.” –Randy Janzen sharing some of his research on unarmed peacekeeping on this show… In today’s show we go into the concept of unarmed peacekeeping and its expression of building a “peace army” or “shanti sena” through nonviolence skills… read more

The Great Debaters

By: Mercedes Mack “Who is the judge?” “The judge is God.” “Why is He God?” “Because He decides who wins or loses. Not my opponent.” “Who is your opponent?” “He does not exist.” “Why does he not exist?” “Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the truth I speak!”   c. 2007, Directed by… read more

Not Just Umbrellas

The Umbrella Revolution By Mercedes Mack Some historical and strategic nonviolent context of what is now called the Umbrella Revolution-Hong Kong’s demand for democracy.   Outside government headquarters, a protestor raised a sign reading “Occupy Central” Brief History of Democratization Demands in Hong Kong Protests in Hong Kong have been occurring on and off since… read more

PACS 164-c Session 6

Topic: The Unity in Diversity of Gandhi and King Resource: Names and concepts list Video:   Audio:  http://archives.mettacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/peace-and-conflict-studies-session-6.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS… read more

For My Nephew: A New Kind of History

Photo of Gandhi at the Salt March

In this blog-series accompanying our project of updating the Peace and Conflict Studies lectures (we call it PACS 164-c), Kimberlyn David reviews some of the key material of the course from a personal lens in an effort to generate personal reflection and the application of course content. Comment boxes are open below! * * *… read more

My Homage to Martin Luther King Jr.

My Homage to MLK by Michael N. Nagler I never knew Martin Luther King, Jr., but I grew up politically in his America. My personal awakening to nonviolence came one day in Greenwich Village when I happened to listen in to a radio broadcast covering a Civil Rights rally going on somewhere down south.  A… read more

Nonviolence Currents: Martin Luther King & Syria

Nonviolence Currents – Bridging Nonviolence and Current Events in the Classroom A service of the Metta Center for Nonviolence LESSON PLAN #9 This is a three-part lesson that combines the teachings of Martin Luther King, in light of the recent 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington, and the current crisis in Syria. Themes:… read more

Memorial for a Martyr

When I was studying ancient Greek history many (many) years ago, it dawned on me that a nation rises and falls on the way that it treats its outstanding people, who are often its most important critics.  By this standard, and by many others, the vital signs of America are not encouraging.  According to an… read more