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“Making Peace with the Planet”: A Tribute to Barry Commoner

by Metta Blogger and Historian Philip Wight “The collective power of people working together…that is what will bring about what the world ought to have, which is…peace.”     On Sunday the world lost one of the greatest advocates of Ecology: Dr. Barry Commoner. He deserves to be remembered for his pioneering work in the… read more

Making History: Remembering and Continuing the Keystone XL Campaign

Article and photos by Philip Wight, Metta blogger.   In studying the history of nonviolence, too often we look to the distant past and neglect the uncertain present. As September draws to a close, advocates of nonviolence should reflect upon last years’ campaign of nonviolent direct action against the Keystone XL pipeline—and not forget that… read more

Badshah Khan and the Spirit of Islam

By Metta blogger PHILIP WIGHT  “You cannot help loving those that love you and you cannot hurt those that trust you.” –Badshah Khan Muslim nonviolence. For most, this phrase conjures images of the Arab Spring and stories of civil resistance in Tunisia and Egypt. But there is one man in history that most embodies this… read more

“Nonviolence or Nonexistence”: King beyond his Loudest Dream

by Metta blogger Philip Wight In late August 1963, during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his most-remembered oratory address: the “I have a Dream” speech. The most influential speech of the American Civil Rights Movement, King’s passionate call for racial equality needs no reproduction here. However King’s… read more

Remembering Howard Zinn: A Historian of Nonviolence

This is the first blog post in what will be a series on the history of nonviolence by Metta blogger, Philip Wight. If you would like to contact Philip, please send your questions and thoughts to info@mettacenter.org and we will forward them to him! **** Had he been alive, today would have been Howard Zinn’s… read more