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Full Show- January 24, 2014

Peace Paradigm Radio is always ready with inspiration, nonviolence in the news and meaningful conversations with people putting nonviolence principles into practice. This week includes a short talk with local Alternatives to Violence Project Trainer Sharon Beckman, followed by nonviolence in the news with Michael Nagler. Later in the show we talk with Kit Miller of the MK Gandhi Institute in Rochester,… read more

Badshah Khan and the Spirit of Islam

By Metta blogger PHILIP WIGHT  “You cannot help loving those that love you and you cannot hurt those that trust you.” –Badshah Khan Muslim nonviolence. For most, this phrase conjures images of the Arab Spring and stories of civil resistance in Tunisia and Egypt. But there is one man in history that most embodies this… read more

Badshah Khan

Badshah Khan, also written Bacha Khan, full name Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988) was a Muslim follower of Gandhi and a major contributor to the freedom struggle of the 1930s.  He was from the Pakhtun (Pashtun, Pakhtoon) area of what was then the North West Frontier Province of India.  This devout Muslim raised a nonviolent… read more