Nonviolence news, humor and the meaning of life

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humankind.”

M.K. Gandhi



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In this week’s Peace Paradigm Radio, you will get your regular, delicious dose of nonviolence in the news with Michael Nagler to start you off. Then, we dip into the discussion of the power of humor–what role does humor have in helping to bridge divides and how we might think of humor as a tool for expanding consciousness around an issue without resorting to humiliation or simply in-group bonding rituals through it. Finally, if that weren’t enough–we go on to think about the meaning of life–and what nonviolence has to do with helping us to realize it. A great show, we think. Hope you enjoy it. 

After you listen here, catch the first of three videos of our Saturday Seminar on the meaning of life and nonviolence…