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“An honest person”–Daily Metta

May 14: “Openness of mind strengthens the truth in us, and removes the dross in us if there is any.” –Gandhi (Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 342) One day I received an email with a very generous offer: Would the Metta Center like to acquire my father’s Gandhi collection? This man’s father happened to be the author… read more

Peace and Conflict Studies at Metta Center

The Peace and Conflict Studies 164 A and B course, conceived and taught by Michael Nagler at UC Berkeley was one of his most popular offerings. In 2007, before retiring from the University for good, he recorded the course in its entirety. Tens of thousands have seen this course, and it is influencing and changing… read more

Lake Junaluska Peace Conference Talk

Watch as Michael Nagler, the President and Co-Founder of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, speaks at the Lake Junaluska Peace Conference about The Metta Center, the New Story, the roadmap, and future directions for the organization and nonviolence.… read more

Unity in Diversity

  Unity in diversity (the term seems to have been coined by the philosopher Hegel) is a central aspect of the nonviolent worldview.  In nature, unity in diversity is an essential organizing principle of Life.  At first appearance, of course, it is a bit paradoxical: on the one hand the mystics of all ages, along… read more

Training in Nonviolence

Stephanie Knox Cubbon is a Fellow at the Metta Center and a peace educator and yoga teacher based in San Diego. Stephanie initially collaborated with Metta on a course on nonviolence for educators through her work as the Peace Education Program Coordinator at Teachers Without Borders (TWB). As an edulearner faculty member and Online Learning Manager at the… read more