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Do we live in a meaningless universe?

 Ours is not an empty, disorderly world, but an exquisitely structured web whose design embraces and affects all living things. –Sally Goerner WESTERN CIVILIZATION could be considered a grand experiment, culminating in the three-plus centuries of the industrial revolution, to see if the universe could be accounted for without resorting to the concept of a… read more

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/30fb4F6q # http://t.co/GDIG9gHH http://t.co/xUeZP3xi # http://t.co/0ihWktco http://t.co/U0eRz051 # We are in need of a volunteer to help us create an amazingly useful graphic. If you have graphic arts skills,… http://t.co/IdxGAhuU # http://t.co/6MzR46xa http://t.co/QL7Jql7P # http://t.co/XyoIkwIU http://t.co/LdGsfNVh # http://t.co/81HtTjym http://t.co/xlbAdUcx # http://t.co/OEZ7WpBu http://t.co/QEskc3pb # http://t.co/VOCF0VjF http://t.co/IK06rdvo # How to… read more

Timo, nonviolence and the Metta Center

Timo wrote explaining his work and life in Finland:   Since 1999, I have been working at Lapinjärvi Educational Center (LEC) (until 2008 as a full-timer, after that as a guest lecturer) and teaching Civil Service Men, i.e. conscientious objectors who refuse to do the military service. Finland is one of the few countries in… read more

How to sustain a revolution

By Stephanie Van Hook (distributed by Peace Voice 1.1.12)   Starting a revolution is like lighting a match; it risks becoming extinguished as quickly as it was lit. Sustaining a revolution, however, is like starting a fire, and ensuring that it has the fuel to burn as long as necessary. As an agent of change,… read more

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

listen to the "Mahatma's message" on our homepage: http://t.co/5w5peVln http://t.co/a2piOqt0 # January with Metta: Hiking, A Webinar, A Conversation Cafe, and More http://t.co/CqYMEbbA # a hike, a conversation cafe and more : http://t.co/ZiWQevql # Sign Up for Metta's first webinar of 2012 on our homepage: http://t.co/5w5peVln today! http://t.co/W43a7fDf # http://t.co/lm2jBgCy http://t.co/cMKvKXQu # http://t.co/xqjfumwb http://t.co/Yn4WDww6 #… read more

The Next Salt March

          Turning Our Backs on Consumerism By Eknath Easwaran As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world—that is the myth of the “atomic age”—as in being able to remake ourselves. —Mahatma Gandhi In one of my favorite Sanskrit stories from ancient India, an… read more

Building the World We Want

By Michael Nagler   The spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel alone, will solve the problem of the deepening poverty of India.    —Mahatma Gandhi       Corporate domination of the world, or “globalization from above,” has done two things for us.  It raised consciousness of world unity; inadvertently awakening “globalization from below,” and… read more

Militarization in academe

by Michael Nagler | Originally published at Waging Nonviolence, November 29, 2011 The day after Mothers’ Day, May 14, 1961, the front-page picture of a Greyhound bus engulfed in flames galvanized the American public. It was Anniston, Alabama, and Klansmen had fully intended to burn the freedom riders alive. For the first time many Americans realized the… read more

Compassionate Design

Originally published as “September 11 and Satyagraha” on Tikkun.org on September 8, 2011 by Michael N. Nagler As the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination spread through India on the first day of February, 1948, an American journalist was stunned by the intensity of the grief swirling around him.  An Indian friend explained to him, “You… read more